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Dapper Doggies CO is a locally owned, female run business. Our owner, Sarah, has two dogs of her own: a golden retriever and a hound mix rescue (pictured here). They are both very good boys.

It was in caring for her own dogs that Sarah had the idea to create Dapper Doggies CO. She was spending countless hours dragging the dogs to and from grooming appointments and calming them down afterward. Both of her pups just seemed traumatized from the crating, the blow drying, and the assembly line approach to the whole experience. Seeking a way to be kinder to her pups, while spending more quality time with her family, Dapper Doggies CO was born.

It's our mission at Dapper Doggies CO to provide quality mobile grooming services that are stress-free for pets and convenient for their owners. We pride ourselves on superior customer service. Our highly trained, professional staff enable us to give you and your pet a compassionate and caring grooming experience.

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Meet Our Groomers


Christine's favorite dog breed is anything rescued. The mother of five pups, she definitely loves her dogs more than her furniture.

"I'll never sacrifice the health or well-being of an animal for vanity."


Summer loves animals of all kinds and will pamper yours. She has a golden retriever pup with a heart of gold.

"With experience as a veterinary assistant, I'll make sure your pet is safe, comfortable, and looking their best."


Ashley has a passion for all things furry (or scaly) and a background in both grooming and training.

"I believe educating humans is the first step in making sure our furry family gets to live their best lives"